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Harley Rouda


Harley Rouda

You helped elect Harley Rouda in 2018! Thank you! We lost the seat due to right-wing disinformation campaigns. We can recapture this seat with grassroots activism!

Harley Rouda represented CA-48 congressional district in the U.S. House Representatives, between January 2019-2021.

Harley Rouda is a local successful businessman, philanthropist and attorney. He has built several large real estate firms. He serves on the board of / as advisor to real estate, retail and other firms, from small to large size; he is also experienced in mergers and acquisitions. He is one of four sons of a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Harley Rouda earned his MBA from Ohio State Univ and JD from Capital Univ Law School. Harley Rouda and his wife Kaira Sturdivant Rouda (an award-winning author) live in Laguna Beach (in CA-48). They have four adult children.

Harley Rouda is a philanthropist engaged in charities and civic organizations, involved in fighting homelessness, domestic violence and human rights offenders; supported access to higher education, saving military jobs.

We are counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Harley Rouda to victory.

Our country is in crisis, and too many politicians prioritize their political party and personal gain over what’s best for our country.

- Harley Rouda

Elect Harley Rouda for CA-48.