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Kerry Donovan


Kerry Donovan

Defeating Rep. Lauren Boebert (R, CO-03, first elected in Nov 2020) is a top priority. Boebert has already gathered major infamy in just weeks at the Capitol. Let's flip CO-03 congressional district with an awesome proven Democratic candidate with strong record of service and strong ties to the district.

Senator Kerry Donovan is a twice-elected Colorado State Senator (in 7th year now), Colorado Senate's President Pro Tempore (1st year), and a rancher on her family farm in Edwards (Eagle County CO) in CO-03, and a long-time established Democrat.

Senator Kerry Donovan is the current (2015-present) Colorado State Senator for SD-05; SD-05 majorly overlaps CO-03, the congressional district for which she is running. She was initially elected to the State senate in 2014 in a tight race, and re-elected in 2018 with a huge margin, reflecting her success as a first-term senator!

In the Colorado State Senate, Kerry Donovan has become a highly respected state senator. Sen. Kerry Donovan is currently the President Pro Tempore of the Colorado State Senate (2021-present). Previously, Kerry Donovan served as Senate Majority Whip (2019-2021).

In the Colorado State Senate, Kerry Donovan is currently

  • Chair, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee, and
  • Member, Joint Committee on Transportation Legislation Review 
  • Chair, Joint Review Committee on Water Resources 
  • Member, Transportation and Energy Committee, 
and previously
  • member, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee,
  • member, Legislative Audit Committee, and
  • member, Local Government Committee.

Before running for Senate, Kerry Donovan served as a Council Member, Vail Town Council (2009-2013). Kerry Donovan has clearly served and earned confidence and respect of colleagues and constituents across SD-05 (mostly in CO-03) and across Colorado.

Rancher Kerry Donovan is a Colorado native. Kerry earned her BS (Anthropology) from Univ. of Notre Dame, then moved abroad and returned to Colorado to jointly own a family-farm (with parents John and Diana): "Copper Bar Ranch" is in Edwards, in Eagle county in CO-03; they raise Highland cattle and grow vegetables supplied to local restaurants and special events. Prior to political career, she also served as Director of Academics at Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and was employed with the Vail Valley Foundation, while running the family farm.

Kerry Donovan is married to Shad Murib, a Littleton Colorado native. Shad is a fitness trainer in Vail CO and currently state director for Colorado Senate, and previously, a policy staffer for the then Governor (now U.S. Senator) John Hickenlooper and for the then state Senator (now Governor) Jared Polis. Kerry and Shad live in a condo in Vail CO with easy highway access to Kerry's farm and their workplaces. Kerry and Shad are long-time Democrats; their commitment to the Democratic party platform is well established through their work, words and activism.

Colorado will be redistricted in 2021. Despite the resulting uncertainties posed by redistricting, the already proven and established record of prior contributions of Kerry Donovan to the people of CO-03 and all Coloradoans as well as her long record as Democrat makes her the best positioned candidate to flip the district and support the Democratic party platform.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Kerry Donovan to victory.

My constituents overwhelmingly voted to re-elect me in 2018 and that wasn’t because of the letter that was next to my name, I think it’s because I’ve proven I can work with anyone to deliver results. We’ve lowered the cost of health care. We’ve expanded rural broadband. These were real issues for the people in Senate District 5 and I’ll bring that same commitment to this job.

- Kerry Donovan

Elect Kerry Donovan for CO-03.