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Kirsten Engel


Kirsten Engel

U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D, AZ-02) is retiring. We have an awesome Democratic candidate who can keep this seat blue!

Kirsten Engel is Arizona's State Senator for SD-10, a mom, an educator, and an environmental and administrative lawyer.

In the AZ Senate, Kirsten Engel serves on Finance, Judiciary, Ethics and National Resources, Energy and Water committees.

Previously, Kirsten Engel was a professor at the Univ of Arizona College of Law where she taught environmental law and legislative analysis to graduate and undergraduate students. She is a former associate dean of the college and launched several key programs. Prior to teaching career, Kirsten Engel practiced environmental law the state and federal agencies.

Kirsten Engel earned her JD from Northwestern University, and BA from Brown University, earning her way through college with side jobs and working as a National Park Service ranger. Kirsten, her husband Scott and their daughter live in Tucson (in AZ-02) near Kirsten's parents.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Kirsten Engel to victory.

I want to bring my experience as an attorney, legislator, woman, and mom to Washington to help southern AZ families and small businesses -- to not only recover from the global pandemic, but to take that next step to building a sustainable economy with opportunities for all.

- Kirsten Engel

Elect Kirsten Engel for AZ-02.