Frequently Asked Questions


No. We assess districts independently and utilize multiple factors to determine what elections to focus on and what candidates to endorse.

If we have questions regarding your positions and history, we will contact you for an interview as part of our assessment process.

Sometimes we may feature a candidate on social media whom we have not endorsed. This may include fundraising and amplification for the candidate.

This is strategic support that may assist with down-ticket elections or multi-cycle strategies.

We are unable to give money directly to a campaign. Tandem fundraisers allow us to raise money directly for our endorsed candidates and raise money to support the work we do as an organization to elect Democrats.

A tandem fundraiser defaults at a 50-50 split, but can be allocated in any amount the donor wishes. The candidate's money goes directly to their campaign and does not pass through us.

As grassroots activists, transparency is extremely important to us. We decided to be as simple and straightforward as possible in our reporting. Unlike most pacs, we have only one entity with one account. We are not part of a larger organization, have any associated organizations, and we don't shift money around during or between cycles. Our principle staff is paid by salary. We do not pay staff as consultants or vendors to avoid any appearance of self-dealing or subterfuge.

As an independent expenditure committee, all our donors and expenditures are publicly reported to the FEC.

We are a 527 Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee. What is commonly known as a Super Pac. This means that we operate independently of campaigns and the Democratic Party. We cannot donate directly to campaigns or coordinate with them. We do not have a donation cap.

Coordinated expenditures are expenditures made in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, or their agents, or a political party committee or its agents. As an IE,it is not considered coordination to promote or or mobilize volunteers to a puplic campaign event that would be happening whether or not we were involved. We can also fundraise directly for candidates.

We do not take corporate funding. Nor are we funded by any party organizations. Our funding is from individual donations and relies heavily on small-dollar support.