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Aramis Ayala


Aramis Ayala

Hon. Rep. Val Demings is running for U.S. Senate. Let's elect an awesome Democrat for her open House seat in 2022!

Aramis Ayala was Florida's state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida (2017-2021). Aramis Ayala is a strong Democrat who has taken a strong stance against capital punishment.

Aramis Ayala was born in Saginaw Michigan. Aramis Ayala earned her Bachelor's from University of Michigan, Master's from University of Central Florida and JD from University of Detroit. Aramis and her husband David live in the district.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Aramis Ayala to victory.

I’ve lived the struggle our families are facing and I’m ready to fight for all of us in Washington. Together, we can take the bold action needed to move our community forward.

- Aramis Ayala

Elect Aramis Ayala for FL-10.