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Abby Finkenauer


Abby Finkenauer

Let us turn turn Iowa's U.S. Senate seat blue in 2022! It's time to defeat Chuck Grassley!

Abby Finkenauer (D) was the current U.S. House Representative from Iowa's 1st congressional district (IA-01) between January 2019-January 2021.

Previously, Abby Finkenauer was Iowa State House Representative for Dubuque, elected in 2014. In Dubuque and at the Iowa House, Abby became known as a staunch defender of and fighter for working families, small businesses and main streets, and a vocal advocate for women, a fighter for high quality healthcare for all Iowans and a supporter of affordable education for all students.

Abby Finkenauer earned her degree from Drake University and still owes student loan. Yet has committed to service to the state and her community. After college she worked at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque with 5 counties (Jackson, Jones, Delaware, Clayton and Allamakee). In 2017 Abby was awarded the "Rising Star Award" by the Democratic Activist Women's Action Network (DAWN's list), having been nominated by former President of the Iowa Senate, Senator Pam Jochum.

Abby has committed to make education and better life attainable for all in Iowa. Abby believes in that hard work should be rewarded, and that affordable education and determination should give every family the chance to live their American dream, in Iowa.

Abby is a proven representative who understands and represents Iowans well.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Abby Finkenauer to victory.

I'm running for Senate because Democracy is worth fighting for and Iowa is worth fighting for. I believe that Iowans deserve jobs that aren't just paychecks but pay enough to build a future, health care that's affordable, and the opportunity to succeed right here at home in Iowa. And I intend to get it done.

- Abby Finkenauer

Elect Abby Finkenauer for IA-SEN.