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Janet Mills


Janet Mills

You helped elect Janet Mills as the Governor of Maine in 2018! Thank you! Janet Mills has been fabulous Governor, promoting the Democratic agenda while balancing and supporting competing interests. Governor Mills has handled the pandemic situation and vaccination rate extremely well in Maine.

Before becoming the Governor, Janet Mills was the twice won Attorney General of Maine, their first ever female AG. Previously she was U.S. House Rep for Maine's 2nd Congressional district.

Janet Mills won the Democratic Party primary for the ME-Gov race in Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), with 54% of the total votes in the RCV roll-up.

Janet grew up in the small town of Farmington ME delivering newspapers as a kid and waiting tables as a teen. She went onto serve as a state legislator and won 8 elections as a Democrat in Maine's second congressional district.

As Attorney General, Janet Mills tackled the bullies; she stopped Gov. LePage from kicking Mainers off healthcare. She took on DJT when he tried to deport DREAMers and ban Muslims from entering the US. She held Wall St accountable for financial crisis.

Janet Mills is a strong Democrat, a strong proponent for Planned Parenthood. Janet is also endorsed by Emily's List and Democrats Work for America. She is well-positioned for success in Maine's Ranked Choice Voting system in November, with grassroots support.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Janet Mills to victory.

I’ve spent my life fighting to protect Maine families, defend working people, and preserve our stunning natural resources. As Governor, I will do everything in my power to make Maine the safe, beautiful, prosperous state we all want for our children and grandchildren.

- Janet Mills

Re-Elect Janet Mills for ME-GOV.