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Gretchen Whitmer


Gretchen Whitmer

You helped elect Gretchen Whitmer as the Governor of Michigan, in 2018. Thank you! Let us help keep this seat blue!

Gretchen Whitmer was Michigan's former state senate minority leader before she was elected Governor. Gretchen is a strong proponent for the people of Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer was elected state legislator for Michigan House of Representatives (2001-06) for HD-70 and HD-69 after redistricting.

Gov. Whitmer has been a strong Democrat and a fair leader of Michigan, caring and advocating for the economy and public health greatly. In 2020, there was a rightwing extremists' plot to kidnap her that was foiled by the FBI.

Gretchen was born in Lansing MI; she is married to Marc Mallory and has two children. She earned her BA and JD from Michigan State University.

We are counting on grassroots supporters like yourself to propel Gretchen Whitmer to victory.

Together we can build the Michigan we believe in, because we still have what we need most - the strength, the talent, the vision and the grit of the incredible people of this state.

- Gretchen Whitmer

Elect Gretchen Whitmer for MI-GOV.