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Angie Craig


Angie Craig

You helped elect Angie Craig! Thank you! There are R-side opponents cropping up already! Let us help keep this seat blue!

Angie Craig (D) is the current representative from Minnesota's 2nd congressional district (MN-02), first elected in 2018.

Angie Craig was raised by a single mom who was a union worker. Angie understands and appreciates hardship, the struggles to make ends meet, and the struggles to have/keep health insurance - all she experienced growing up. Angie is all self-made. Se is a mom of four young men.

After graduation, Angie Craig became a newspaper reporter. Then worked in Human Resources, as VP of HR for a large hospital and Head of Global HR for a major Minnesota manufacturer, a leadership role for 16000 employees in her area. Angie is a strong Democrat.

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I worked hard to get where I am, but I was pretty lucky, too. For too many Americans, hard work doesn’t pay off like it used to. College is unaffordable and technical training is unavailable. Healthcare costs too much. Incomes aren’t keeping up with the costs of groceries and prescription drugs. We can do better.

- Angie Craig

Re-Elect Angie Craig for MN-02.