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Jessica Piper


Jessica Piper

Missouri HD-1 has Republican state Representative (elected 2014) who has largely gone unchallenged. Meanwhile, in 2019, Missouri voted in favor of Medicaid expansion via ballot measure, and the state legislature's leadership has ignored people's popular voice. We need to send great Democrats to make it happen! Jessica Piper is just that person; she engaged to educate and drive voter turnout for the ballot measure!

Jessica Piper is an educator, a wife and mom, with a small farm in northwestern rural Missouri. Jessica Piper is a strong Democrat and a passionate community activist who drove turnout for the Medicaid expansion ballot measure. She is also pushing for fully funded public schools.

Jessica Piper is a tenured teacher (American Literature) with 16 years of experience. She earned her BA (English) and MA (Teaching) from Univ of Arkansas. Jessica was born on a US naval base and raised across the southern USA before moving to Missouri. Jessica Piper is a wife and mom.

Jessica Piper and her family live on a small farm in HD-1 legislative district.

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When I look at these bills, I honestly think about the kids in my class — ‘what would this do to her, what would this do to him?' I think about the people in my community and how it would affect them, and I don’t really see that in these representatives. I don’t see them mulling over how it will impact the community when they write bills or vote on them, and it’s very frustrating to me as a teacher and a parent. That’s something I would hope to change.

- Jessica Piper

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