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Chris Pappas


Chris Pappas

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Chris Pappas (D) is the current representative from New Hampshire's 1st congressional district (NH-01), first elected in 2018.

Previously, Chris Pappas had won a race within the district - in the state legislature and city Executive Council (EC) - and served the local community and lives in the community. As EC member, he has lead the fight to expand Medicaid to 50,000 New Hampshire working families, bringing $2.5 billion in new federal funds into NH.

Chris Pappas co-owns a restaurant business over 230 employees. As owner & boss, Chris Pappas lived the Democratic values, giving employee benefits, including healthcare and sick leave before anyone else around did. He personally demonstrates tremendous work ethics and has earned employees' loyalty as a good employer.

Chris Pappas is a strong Democrat. Chris is the first openly gay congressperson from New Hampshire.

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It says everything you need to know when a political party, using the lies they created about the last election, undertakes a nation-wide effort to restrict voting access. We the People means all the people, and laws like this tear at the fabric of our democracy.

- Chris Pappas

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