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Andy Kim


Andy Kim

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Andy Kim (D) is the current representative from New Jersey's 3rd congressional district (NJ-03), first elected in 2018.

Andy Kim grew up in NJ-03, studied as a Rhodes Scholar. He served the nation as Pres. Obama's White House National Security Official, Diplomat, and Counter-ISIS Coordinator.

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I think that that's why people appreciated what I'm trying to bring here, that, honestly, I'm not a knife-fighting partisan politician. I was a career public servant. I often say, you know, "Whether you voted for me or not, you're my boss." And I talk about I worked under both Republicans and Democrats. I think that that's what people here are looking for. We're looking for someone who's actually not a politician and someone who is trying to come at this from a sense of public service. And I hope to be able to continue to convey to them that that's what I'm trying to do.

- Andy Kim

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