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Tim Ryan


Tim Ryan

Ohio's U.S. Senate seat is an OPEN red seat; Sen. Rob Portman is not running for re-election. Let's flip it blue!

Tim Ryan has been US Congressional Rep for the CD including Niles OH area since 2003 (13th district since 2013; 17th district 2003-13).

Ryan earned his BA from Bowling Green State Univ. and JD from Univ of New Hampshire.

Tim Ryan and his family live in Niles OH, where he was born and raised by his mom (after his parents' divorce when he was 7). Ryan is a strong advocate for workers' rights.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Tim Ryan to victory.

The people I represent in Northeast Ohio and the tens of millions of workers across our country are proud to be called blue collar.

- Tim Ryan

Elect Tim Ryan for OH-SEN.