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Conor Lamb


Conor Lamb

You helped Conor Lamb win in special election for old PA-18, then again in a general election in a newly drawn district PA-17. Thank you, thank you!!! There are R side opponents cropping up already all across the map. Let us help keep this seat blue!

Conor Lamb (33-year old) is a former federal prosecutor and a Marine Corps Veteran. As Assistant U.S. Attorney (2014-17), he helped establish the Justice Dept's Pittsburgh office as a national leader in the fight against opioid epidemic. In the Marine Corps, Captain Conor Lamb completed active duty in 2013 and joined the Marine Corps Reserves.

Conor Lamb lives in Mt.Lebanon (sub-urb of Pittsburgh) where he grew up. Conor went to Central Catholic High School (grad: 2002). Conor Lamb earned his bachelors from Univ of Pennsylvania (2006) and Law degree from U.Penn in 2009.

In the Colorado State Senate, Kerry Donovan has become a highly respected state senator. Sen. Kerry Donovan is currently the President Pro Tempore of the Colorado State Senate (2021-present). Previously, Kerry Donovan served as Senate Majority Whip (2019-2021).

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Conor Lamb to victory!

Too many of our fellow Americans have to struggle each day against the obstacles imposed by racism, history and original sin. These obstacles are real, and they affect the way police departments have acted toward Black Americans.

- Conor Lamb

Elect Conor Lamb for PA-17.