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Hala Ayala


Hala Ayala

The Commonwealth of Virginia legislature and executive offices are critical in the national landscape. Let's keep it blue in Virginia on November 2, *2021*!

Hala Ayala won the 2021 Democratic party primary for Lt. Governor.

Hala Ayala is the current state delegate for HD-51 since 2018. Previously, Hala served on Governor Terry McAuliffe's Advisory Council on Women. 

Hala Ayala is the Founder and President of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Hala Ayala (a single mom of two kids) has worked her way up from a service job with no health insurance, earning associates degree in psychology (via Univ of Phoenix, distance learning program), and persevered to become a cybersecurity specialist with the Department of Homeland Security, then the state's twice elected legislative delegate.

Hala's life is a story of resilience and personal leadership. She is a major proponent of public education, foster care system, veterans benefits, and women's rights.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Hala Ayala to victory on November 2, *2021*.

Now is not the moment to shy away from correcting the historical exclusion of women and girls from our Constitution. Now is the time to stand up, and speak out.

- Hala Ayala

Elect Hala Ayala for VA-LtGov.