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Terry McAuliffe


Terry McAuliffe

You know how critical Virginia state legislature and Governor office are in the national landscape. From human rights to National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) to upcoming redistricting, to supporting President Biden, Governor of Virginia will have high impact in the coming years.

Former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D, Virginia) is running for election to a second term as Governor of Virginia.

Terry McAuliffe was the awesome Governor prior to current Governor (2014-2018). He also served as the Chair of the National Governors Association (2016-2017).

After one term as Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe as required to take a break of at least one term as consecutive terms are not allowed in Virginia.

Terry McAuliffe earned his Bachelors from Catholic Univ. and his JD from Georgetown Univ.

Terry McAuliffe hails from Syracuse NY; Terry and his wife Dorothy Swann live in Virginia. Terry is a great Democrat who has served as DNC Chair (2001-2005) and also served on many campaigns.

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"I’m running to deliver bold leadership to the people of Virginia."

- Terry McAuliffe

Elect Terry McAuliffe for VA-GOV.