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Sean Perryman


Sean Perryman

Virginia state legislature and executive offices are critical in the national landscape. Let's keep it blue in Virginia!

Sean Perryman is a lawyer, activist, policy expert, and father. President Emeritus of Fairfax chapter of NAACP, and Director of Social Impact Policy and Council.

Sean Perryman is a strong Democrat, passionate about equity and inclusion. He has served on FCC's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment.

Sean Perryman earned his BA, City Univ of NY and JD from Vanderbilt Univ.

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I have devoted my life to advocacy for those who have been left-behind by our government and economy, and will lend my experience to the advancement of all Virginians, from Tysons, to Tidewater, to Tazewell.

- Sean Perryman

Elect Sean Perryman for VA-LtGOV.