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Virginia State Delegates


Virginia Delegates

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a critical state for Democrats and we must hold the line and increase strength in the VA Legislature House. Supporting Democratic candidates in upcoming *November 2, 2021* General Elections in Virginia is key to this goal.

Re-elect key Democrats

  • HD-10: Wendy Gooditis 
  •  HD-12: Chris Hurst 
  •  HD-28: Joshua Cole 
  •  HD-31: Elizabeth Guzman 
  •  HD-75: Roslyn Tyler 
  •  HD-83: Nancy Guy

Elect new Democrats to open blue seats

  • HD-50: Michelle Maldonado 
  •  HD-51: Briana Sewell

Flip from Red to Blue

  • HD-27: Debra Gardner 
  •  HD-66: Katie Sponsler 
  •  HD-84: Kim Melnyk 
  •  HD-85: Alex Askew 
  •  HD-96: Mark Downey 
  •  HD-100 Finale Johnson Norton

We are counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Democratic candidates to victory on November 2, 2021.